Sabtu, 17 Juni 2017

Indonesia Economy

Good afternoon and best wishes to all of us,
Praise and gratitude we pray to the presence of God Almighty for the blessing and grace we can gather this room in good health,  Mr. mother teacher and friends all, here I Megalia paulina Will bring a speech entitled "Indonesian Economy".
A happy audience and presence,
If we look, Basically the state of Indonesia is one country with a fairly high economic potential with the potential of nature is very diverse,this is potential Recognized by the international community that our country's economy has increased significantly. It seems to have a good impact for the country, especially the state of the economy.
But it seems that situation, Looks far from the economic picture of society, especially for the economic level of lower class society or low, because It is basically every growth and economic changes that occur low society that always gets the impact. Seems to be a state seen by the international community,As inversely proportional to the economic conditions that exist in our country. Because In fact the lower middle class society even feel the economic situation is getting worse because it is only considered to defend the upper class only, Even many perceived government policies do not fully defend the interests of the people.
See the economic conditions of our country that way, We do have to be patient but keep making efforts, Especially with the current globalization that makes no more limits in conducting economic activities. We really have to make the most of it, So that even if we are in the middle class down but we must still be able to show our existence as a majority who can not be underestimated.
A happy audience and presence that I respect
A short speech from me when there are wrong words that are less pleasing I apologize profusely, Hopefully this speech can provide motivation and knowledge to your brothers and sisters.
Thank you for your kind attention good afternoon.

Minggu, 07 Mei 2017


        If I am going to set up a business then I will set up a business buying used goods, Because
I think if I set up this business I will save the environment from pollution because the disposal of garbage in any place. The reason why i will set up this business  that is: first, Because I want the absence of waste that is considered worthless,second, Because for me this business is very profitable because it can reduce waste is also very profitable in the economic field.Although many people consider this business embarrassing and even inferior,Especially among young people.But for me this is very useful.
      I honestly am very sad about people's views about this business,I would like to invite anyone to join and implement this business. Because if we do this business we will not be easy to lose,Because I think even once the price of this used goods down his goods will not shrink and even damaged.And until whenever the goods remain sold despite being kept for years.Different from other businesses such as food business,The longer the goods are stored the more unsold the goods are damaged or weathered.So for me I will establish a secondhand business, it does not mean other business is not good because I do not choose it,It's just that I really want to set up this business.

Thanks you ✌✌

Jumat, 28 April 2017

"Kembang Goyang"

Well here i will give and introduce how to make "Kembang goyang", First we will prepare the materials we will use, Next we will start making cakes,Let's see the way below:


      *100 gr refined sugar
 *Rice flour 250 gr
 *100 gr sago flour
       *400 ml coconut milk
*1 teaspoon salt
*3 chicken eggs
        *Oil to fry sufficiently

How to make a "Kembang goyang"
Mixing of ingredients
  • Beat the chicken eggs and refined sugar using a mixer until it expands.
  •  Add the rice flour and sago flour little by little, stirring evenly.
  •  Add salt and then pour the coconut milk into it while continuously shaked until the dough is slippery.
  •  Heat oil in large quantities over medium heat.
  •  Dip the mold into baking dough paste and fry by shaking the mold until the dough is released.
  •  Wait until the dough is brownish yellow and cooked, remove the drain.
  •  Flower cake ready to serve.
Frying stage
well done,ready to eat

That's a very simple ingredient and way to make a flower cake.I know this is not a perfect recipe but I want to share to all of you. don't forget to use this recipe happy people,I hope you like this recipe.

 That is all and thank you😊✌

Jumat, 14 April 2017


"on how to play the guitar"

 Me                : Good afternoon, 
 Interviewees : Good afternoon too. Is there anything I can help?
 Me                : What can I interview you?
 Interviewees : yes,may please
 Me                : I introduce Megalia paulina, I want to interview you on how to play the guitar,I start                          with the first question,do you how to hold the guitar good?
 Interviewees : it can be said easily,because holding it up to his guitar,up how comfortable position                         for themselves there is no way specified.
 Me               : actually how the level of difficulty in playing the guitar?  
 Interviewees: for me the degree of difficulty in playing the guitar, namely when given the keys                           to carry a tune.
 Me               : do you think how important it is to play the guitar?
 Interviewees: how important,This actually plays guitar dependent people who loved.for people                                who love it of course is very important,because it can keep them entertained.
 Me               : for you Which parties should be able to play the guitar?
 Interviewees: In my opinion,all parties can and should play a guitar,but it would be nice if                                         it was  a young child,so that they can preserve.
 Me               : Let me guess that's all I want to ask,thank you for spending his free afternoon.
 Interviewees: yes equally good afternoon too.

Minggu, 19 Maret 2017

I can not live without electricity

    I Megalia paulina person I most fear of darkness and silence,that is why I can not live without electricity.because for me Electricity is something quite important in life,Just imagine if there is no electricity to temporarily we must have sensed trouble especially for a very long time
what will happen in our daily lives. we will not be able to do during the day, especially at night
especially in the electronic tools will all be unworkable.
     And all our activities will be abandoned we will not be able to communicate over long distances will not be able to quickly find out information outside world will progress.for me this life would be empty without electricity that illuminates and simplify all our activities in this world,Also we will have many difficulties in performing activities,and we also would feel difficulty in earlier times (archaic) will be difficult in many sad if we did not have light (electricity) let alone other things might we would absolutely go back to the period of antiquity (ancient).
     that is why it is expected that electricity is still present in our lives
and we also use them in moderation and do not use it at will we have to keep going and take care so that electrical continuity is still there in this life present and future.

okay all so much from me thanks

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

Cooking is part of my life

          My ability is cooking,complicated for me, yes
at first I found it hard to cook, but with the willingness of myself very large to be able to cook,with a lot to learn and I became very fond of cooking can,because basically cook it is not difficult but it is very easy and it should be preferred by everyone, especially women,therefore I really like to cook and prepare all kinds of foodstuffs to be used as food for everyone, especially my family.
          Things I have done with my cooking skills of course provide best fine dining meals to my family,and I also often invited to help people cook at a family event.
          Also what would I do to improve my ability is much more to learn whether it is through the mass media and direct practice with people who know more than me
and also do not forget to read more books recipe. and I will direct my practice new dishes to my family to know their opinion will my cuisine.and do not forget I will also bring a lot of my friends to learn cooking and continue cooking, so that my skills are shared even preferred by others and everyone.

 That bit about my ability, thanks

Rabu, 15 Maret 2017

Assignment Unit 1

Exercise 1. Study the meaning of the following words, the use them to fill in the gaps: monitor, check and control.
·         We check something to see if it is correct.
·         The word control refers to power and domination. It is both a noun and a verb.
·         If you monitor something you regularly check its progress.
                              1.            I’ve.... the documentation and everything is in order.
                              2.            Inflation has not gone away but it is under....
                           3.           We constantly.... the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.
                              4.            We apologize for the delay which is due to reasons beyond our...
                              5.            Economist... prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks.
Exercise 2. Choose the word with similar meaning from two columns and arrange them in pairs.
                           A                                                            B

1)      Cost (n)                                   a) supply, equip, outfit                                           
2)      Monitor (v)                              b) expense, outlay
3)      Flair (n)                                   c) control, manage
4)      Entrepreneu                             d) skill, talent, inclination
5)      Forecast (n)                             e) employer
6)      Provide (v)                               f) responsible
7)      Job-setting(n)                           g) place of work
8)      Liable(a)                                   h) prediction
Exercise 3. Complete the sentences using the words given below.
                         1.            .... means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
                         2.            An... is a person who sets up business and business deals.
                         3.            A... . is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.
                         4.            The industry will have to pass its increased.... on to the consumer.
                         5.            The management will .... accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
                         6.            He has always been... for his children.
                         7.            The ... of the job include a car and free health insurance.
                         8.            He won’t .... as an economist until next year.
                         9.            An individual hoping to star up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial...or talent.
                     10.            Unfortunately...of higher profits did not come true.
                     11.            Economist are concerned with the production,.... and......
Words for reference:  Self-employed, forecast, benefits or fringe benefits, qualify, flair, entrepreneurial, cost, provide, liable; tycoon, distribution, consumption.

Exercise 1.
                              1.            Check
                              2.            Control
                              3.            Monitor
                              4.            Control
                              5.            Monitor
Exercise 2.
1)      Cost (n)       paragraph 1, line 5 ( b )                                       
2)      Monitor (v)      paragraph 3, line 2 ( c )                                 
3)      Flair (n)      paragraph 4, line 4 ( d )                                      
4)      Entrepreneur (n)       paragraph 5, line 3 ( e )                        
5)      Forecast (n)      paragraph 3, line 1 ( h )                                
6)      Provide (v)      paragraph 2, line 4 ( a )                                  
7)      Job-setting(n)     paragraph 2, line 1 (g )                              
8)      Liable(a)      paragraph 5, line 4 ( f )                                     
Exercise 3.
                              1.            Self-employed
                              2.            Entrepreneur
                              3.            Tycoon
                              4.            Benefits or fringe benefits
                              5.            Provide
                              6.            Liable
                              7.            Cost
                              8.            Qualify
                              9.            Flair
                          10.            Forecast
                          11.            Distribution, and consumption.